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[tESs] It may never be that the world will ever know what E! True Hollywood Story lurks behind the backstage curtain of The Fullmore Show...

If there's one thing to be sure of, it's that there are many laughs to be had.

I've had the pleasure of hearing this album in its entirety before it hit the shelves at Walmart, so I KNOW it's good... And you don't... and that's sad... but that'll dissipate soon enough. Purchase the shit out of this. Now! Favorite track: Divine.
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released November 14, 2014

All music written and performed by Evan Follmar
Produced by Evan Follmar and Noah Sias
Tracked at Striate Cortex Recording Company
Mixed and Mastered by Noah Sias
Artwork by Evan Follmar and Noah Sias



all rights reserved


Fullmore Muskegon, Michigan

I am a serious singer-songwriter singing songs about the bluesbaby

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Track Name: Changing The Weather
Weighed down in webs of winter's kin
Tangled strangers dreams have trapped you in
Just sue him, threw there, seeker seas
Led there, bones bare, Lee, Breathe, you win
And they'll know, old snow, cold toes,
I'm changing television shows
Everybody knows this show's gonna tell that child no, no
What a seamless dream stitch when I come apart
When the tangled seamstress weaves you win my heart
I start to peel the pieces back
What you lack may be emptiness
And it gross so's low wit knows
I'm changing television shows
They'd like to know how to get better
They'd like to know how to change the weather
I'm changing television shows
Everybody knows that show's gonna tell that child no
So don't you tell? That child know, he was had, pee in the snow
Don't say words don't mean no sounds when you find me on the ground
When you find me on the ground x2
Don't chew tell that child no, he was had. Pee in the snow.
Track Name: Weakend Breakfast Cereal Challenge
Trouble finding food everybody breaks the rules funny how it goes finding mushrooms in the "whoa"
Funny how the weekend girls got you down
So why should I explain? Nobody feel any shame funny how it is the best of us were only kids
Funny how the weakened girl's got you now
I'm a pitiful child, lalala!
I know the weakend girl's got youShe's got you
Track Name: Divine
We'd wait a while by a will oh tree, you were crazy when you looked at me. A cemetery where a black breeze blows, where the wind knows cold sleeping secrets left untold. If we wasted time, if we sold our lies, we were divine. A little hollow in a windy wood where we'd sleep at night if it wasn't cold. I half expected you to spit my name to the widowed win where you spun your spiteful game.
Track Name: You Won't
Will you fall awake and find your resting day? Waiting in the shadow of your debt which could not be paid.. Will you see it fall away or take it to your grave? Jesus wasn't bleeding for your heart which could not be saved. Will you?
Will you follow me and fall along the way? Living in the shadow of my path you could never see.. The More you turned away the Fuller(typo) I became. You know I wasn't bleeding for your art which meant a lot to me. Will you bleed?